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Hand Crafted and Hand Spun Hollowares

This section of the website will feature holloware items that are handmade from copper and brass.  All of the items
are either hand spun or handcrafted using centuries old coppersmithing techniques.  Here at JAO Originals I create quality
pieces that will stand the test of time!!!

Sml and Lrg Copper Planters

Copper planters made from 0.040" thick copper in the age
old pot shape that is so common.  Rolled edge on the top lip
and a nice satin finish.  Available in a small and large size.
Made to order.  Please allow one week lead time!!

Sml Planter - 2 3/8" High, 2 1/4" Base Dia, 3 7/8" Top Dia
Lrg Planter - 3 1/2" High, 3 5/8" Base Dia, 5 5/8" Top Dia

Small Copper Planter - $19.00

Large Copper Planter - $25.00

$5 Shipping Inside the USA!!!

Sml Cylinder Planter Vase
Brass and Copper Planter Vase Hand Spun Copper Planter Vase
Hand Spun Brass Planter Vase Copper and Brass Planter Vase

Hand spun from 0.040" thick copper or brass, these cylinder
shaped pieces can be used either as a planter or as a small
vase.  Satin finish and available in either copper or brass.
Made to order.  Please allow one week lead time!!

4" High, 2 1/2" Body Dia, 3 1/2" Top Lip Dia

Copper Cylinder Vase - $21.00

Brass Cylinder Vase - $35.00

$5 Shipping Inside the USA!!!

Small Curved and Necked Vase
Handcrafted Copper Vase Holloware
Handcrafted Copper Vase
Copper Vase Hand Spun Holloware
Hand Spun Copper Vase

Holloware has become a lost craft in the USA due to the time
it takes and how difficult the tooling is to make.  This vase is
hopefully the first of many to come as here at JAO Originals I
truly enjoy making pieces like this.  Made from start to finish
with high quality 0.040" thick copper sheet this vase has a
weight to it that speaks quality.  Handcrafted every step of
the way by me!!!
Made to order.  Please allow one week lead time!!

5 1/2" High x 4 1/2 Dia

Price - $98.00

$5 Shipping Inside the USA!!!

Kerosene Oil Lamp
Copper Kerosene lamp
Copper Kerosene lamp
Copper Kerosene Lamp Copper Kerosene Lamp

Almost all the kerosene oil lamps that are available today are
imported or very cheaply made.  This lamp is a quality piece
handcrafted here in the USA.  Made from 0.040" thick
copper sheet this lamp has a heft feel to it and is well made.
#1 Queen Anne burner.
Made to order.  Please allow two week lead time!!

The burner and the glass chimney are both imported pieces.

Glass Chimney - 7 1/2" H x 3 1/4" Dia
Body W/Burner - 5 1/2" H x 3 3/4" Dia
Base Diameter - 4 1/4"

Please Note:  This item is made as a reproduction for display
and decoration purposes.  I have done my best to make this
a sound and functional piece but kerosene lamps can be very
dangerous by nature.  If you choose to fill and use this product
you accept full responsibility.

Price - $165.00

$10 Shipping Inside the USA!!!

Availability and Lead Time Information*****

JAO Originals is a one man workshop where I craft
everything the old way. One piece at a time. One
order at a time.  Occasionally I will have pieces on the
shelf ready to ship but most pieces are made to order.
Please feel free to contact me for availability and lead
time information at jeffrey@jaooriginals.com

Ordering Information

I currently have two methods of placing an order.

#1 - All of the items on my site have a Buy Now button
that links directly to PayPal and allows you to securely
buy an item through PayPal. (USA only please)

#2- If you wish to order multiple items, or you are outside
the USA, the best way is to send me a message
 describing what you would like to purchase.  I can then
 forward an invoice from PayPal that will have the
 desired items and shipping cost.

Any questions???  Please just let me know!

Questions???  Email me jeffrey@jaooriginals.com

Cotton Blossom Crafts / JAO Originals
Warner Robins, Ga 31088

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