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JAO Originals is very proud to present a line of handcrafted carbon steel saute pans.  All of my carbon steel cookware is hand spun from 1008 cold rolled steel that is 0.075" thick (2 mm) and made from start to finish in the USA.  Please see additional details below!

*****Please see below for ordering and lead time information!!!*****
The carbon steel saute pan is currently a made to order item so please allow 1 week!!!

9" Carbon Steel Frying Pan
carbon steel saute pan carbon steel saute pan
carbon steel saute pans carbon steel saute pan
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(approx as each piece is handcrafted and there can be variations.)

Top Lip Diameter - 9"
Bottom Diameter - 8"
Height - 2"

Dimensions of Pan With Handle

Length - 17"
Height - 4 3/4"

Price - $55.00
Free Shipping Inside the USA!!!



*****Availability and Lead Time Information*****

JAO Originals is a one man workshop where I craft
cookware the old way. One piece at a time. 
Carbon steel saute pans are currently a custom.
order item so please allow one week for shipping.

Ordering Information

I currently have three methods of placing an order.

#1 - All of the pans on my site have a Buy Now button
that links directly to PayPal and allows you to securely
buy an item through PayPal.  (USA only please)

#2- If you wish to order multiple items, or you are outside
the USA, the best way is to send me a message
 describing what you would like to purchase.  I can then
 forward an invoice from PayPal that will have the
 desired items and correct shipping cost.

Any questions???  Please just let me know!



If you would like the honest truth about carbon
steel pans, please use the following link to what
my honest opinion and experience is.

The Honest Truth About Carbon Steel Pans


If you would like a few tips on how to care
for your carbon steel pan. please check the
link below.

Caring for Carbon Steel Pans


JAO Originals is a small metal working shop that takes great pride in what I do and everything begins in my shop as raw flat material. Nothing is outsourced. The steel arrives in sheets that are cut into the various sized circles needed for spinning the pans. Handles also come in as flat sheet that is cut to shape, finished, and formed to fit the pans as needed. Since everything is made one piece at a time, it's personal.

Every pan is hand spun using cold rolled steel sheet that has a thickness of 0.075". We settled on this thickness as it seemed to be the perfect middle ground between a pan being crazy heavy and way too light. This thickness of material gives the pan a great weight and is very durable.

The handles on the carbon steel pans are made from 1/8" thick stainless steel and secured with 1/4" steel rivets. The handles do not require any care.

These pans have not been pre-seasoned!  They have had a coat of coconut oil to protect the steel from rust but that is all. There is a lot of debate about whether carbon steel pans should or should not be seasoned and what oils to use if they are seasoned.  I have made a high quality pan and leave the rest to be decided by whomever purchases the pan.  Personally I do not season my pans.

Being carbon steel, my pans will change color with use and depending on how, or if, they are seasoned. This is normal and does not affect the performance of the pan.

Whenever a pan is washed and cleaned, please be sure to immediately dry over a low heat to prevent any rust from forming. It is also a good idea to lightly wipe the pan with a very light coat of your favorite cooking oil to protect the steel from flash rusting.

JAO Originals may be a small one man shop but I can offer something that the big companies can not. A product that is handmade by a craftsman one piece at a time.

Questions???  Email me jeff@cottonblossomcrafts.com

Cotton Blossom Crafts / JAO Originals
Warner Robins, Ga 31088

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